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Fir Lodge Bookings – Terms and Conditions and Information for Guests



1.     Your booking contract for your stay at Fir Lodge, 67 Pentney Lakes, Kings Lynn, PE32 1JE is with the owner of Fir Lodge: Daniel Wyatt, 2 Low Road, Drayton, Norwich, NR86AA.


2.     The booking contract only exists after a completed emailed Booking has been received, along with the deposit of £300.  The balance of the rent is payable 8 weeks before the beginning of the stay – or at the same time as booking if the start date of the stay is less than eight weeks away.  Confirmation and Final Details will then be dispatched to you


3.     If the guests cancel a booking, and only if the owner succeeds in re-letting the property, he will refund the bulk of payments received excluding the amount of the initial deposit.  Guests are advised to take out a private cancellation insurance.  If for any reason of his own making the owner has to withdraw the property he will refund all payments made and have no further obligation to the guests.


4.     The Booking is made in the name of one person who will be deemed to be responsible for, and answerable to us for any problems or dispute that may arise between the owner and the guests, particularly with reference to non-compliance to the conditions outlined below.  His/her having completed and submitted the Booking Form is his/her commitment to accepting this responsibility.  Regrettably we have had some problems from irresponsible guests and in the worst case we will pursue you for our rights, and charge you extra for any costs incurred, plus our time and nervous energy expended.


5.     The booking is exclusively for the people named in the Booking Form.  Any proposed change to this (such as additional guests or transference of booking) must be agreed with the owner in advance.  Bookings will not be accepted for parties of people under the age of 21.  In groups of mixed ages there must be sufficient adults to provide supervision for the party.  Bookings for Stag or Hen parties may or may not be accepted after consultation with the owner.  The owner reserves the right to accept or refuse or revoke any proposed booking. Guests must ensure that no nuisance or inconvenience is caused to owners of, or to guests in, surrounding properties; in the event of intolerable infringements of this your party may be summarily asked to leave Fir Lodge and no refund of moneys will be forthcoming.


6.     Fir Lodge will be clean and tidy in preparation for your arrival and you are obliged to leave it in a state of cleanliness.  Guests are required to report to the office immediately any significant damages caused by yourselves to the building, fittings or furnishings, and to be responsible for repair/replacement costs which may be invoiced to you after repairs have been completed, or lost, damaged or removed items have been replaced.  However we accept that an amount of wear-and-tear is inevitable.  Any minor breakages (crockery etc.) should be replaced if possible or cash to your estimated value left with a covering note on your departure.


7.     No smoking inside Fir Lodge; no dogs or other pets (contact us with reference to Guide Dogs); no fireworks, weapons or illegal substances; no drinking glasses in the hot tub (they are too easily broken – plastic wine and beer glasses are provided.)


8.     In the event of failure of any mechanical or electrical equipment please contact Daniel (or Mum and Dad in the office) and we will make all reasonable efforts to resume normal service for you. Bear in mind that the boiler holds a quantity of hot water but can run cold until it restocks itself if there are a lot of baths and showers in quick succession. However we will not accept total responsibility for such mishaps and there will be no monies payable to you in compensation.


9.     Guests will permit the owner or his agents access to the building and land at reasonable times and on reasonable notice to enter, inspect and if necessary carry out repairs or maintenance jobs, whilst trying to minimise any inconvenience to you.  As we continually try to improve facilities at Fir Lodge you may find that new facilities have been introduced and/or listed facilities are temporarily unavailable.


10.     Guests are responsible for your own safety and security and the owner has no liability for any accidental damage or loss to your property unless it can be proved to be due to our negligence.  Take note that: vehicles should be locked and valuables removed; items can be locked in the garage for security; special care is needed driving around Pentney Lakes; children should be supervised in the play area and club house, and at the water-side; water sports or activities on the lakes are at your own risk; care must be exercised when using the hot tub (see Information for Visitors book on arrival).


11.   If you feel that you have a genuine complaint this must be reported immediately to the owner or to the office.  Complaints that are not posted immediately will not be responded to after your departure date and no correspondence will be entered into.

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